Affiliated to Dibrugarh University

The indoor stadium and Girls’ Hostel are under completion. Necessary tools and instruments for indoor games & sports are being made available by the college authority. Hostel rules and regulations are framed up for Girls’ Hostel which will be functional right from the starting month of 2015.
The facility of electricity has been provided in every class room Buildings, administrative as well as library, indoor stadium and Girls’ Hostel. Pure and safe drinking water facility in the sidelines inns and out of each and every apartment has been provided through the pipelines connected to a deep well system by the efforts of the college’s own resources. Sanitary Toilet facility for both boys’ girls’ students of permanent nature.

Boy’s common room, Girls’ common room and on store room for keeping materials and equipment are facilitated.
College canteen and parking facility are provided of a distance of 30 meters in the left side of the Building.
Language laboratory room is made more comfortable in the first floor of the three storey Building.

Library Hall and its Resources:
The college has a library will well accommodated reading room for both students and teachers. The library at present contents about 15000 books in number including all the textbooks, reference books, journals magazines etc. There are six subscribed daily newspapers in the library. Every care is taken to maintain silence and harmony inside the reading room.

Library Hours:
8.15 am to 4.15 pm daily, except on holiday and Sundays.
Six no’s of Xerox machines, four no’s of LCD projectors, thirty two no’s of computers and one 30 KVA Digital Generator are provided in the needful places.

Innovative Measures:-
1.Continual manual labor is maintained to make the outer front around the Buildings more attractive, clean and healthy.
2.Weekly reports from reach of the teaching department(s) are sought and discussed in the presence of the Head of the institution for up gradation of teaching learning activities.
3.Sessional examinations are conducted periodically to evaluate the students’ progress in academic field.  
4.Workshops and seminars are organized for students in each semester.

Scholarship and Awards:-
1.Scholarship for OBC, SC and ST students are distributed as it is provided by the Government.
2.Every year each prize of Rs.1000/- and certificate of merit is awarded to brilliant students who secures highest percentage of marks in BA Final Examination.
3.Case prize of Rs.1000/- and a certificate for inspiration is awarded to considerably brilliant students through ceremonisation in the memory of Lt. ………..
by the Department of Education, Simen Chapari College.

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