Affiliated to Dibrugarh University

Chairman: Sri Sachin Doley, Principal, Simen Chapari College
Coordinator: Sri Bhupen Chungkrang, Asstt. Prof.
                          Deptt. of Political Science, Simen Chapari College.
Asstt. Coordinator: Sri Krishna Bhujel, Asstt.
                                                  Deptt. of English, Simen Chapari College.

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of Simen Chapari College was established in the year 2014. To realize the goals and objectives of the institution, the IQAC has been made more functional in its sphere of playing the role of a coordinating unit among students, teachers and social welfare organizations towards the enhancement of quality oriented education and its substance and become atleast a contributive body for transformation of the nation into one of the leading country in the world.

Aims and objectives of IQAC:-

(i)To maintain continuous evaluation of the overall institutional progress.
(ii)To frame various academic and administrative strategies for enhancement of quality education.
(iii)To improve communication among students, teachers, parents and guardians, NGOs and other people for creating better educational atmosphere.
Functions of IQAC:
Keeping in view of the guidelines of the UGC, the IQAC of Simen Chapari College has constituted the following important functions:-
•Propagation of ideas in relation to the usefulness of human resources.
•To improve teaching activities by adoption of innovative techniques and methodology of quality oriented evaluation.
•To inspire the teachers for research activities to mould the students with skilful personality.
•To act as an agency for educational and social development.
•To record and monitor the educational standard of the institution.
•To highlight the ideas relating to gender equality, equal opportunity and moral visions.
•To disseminate information on quality aspects.
• Organization of workshops and seminars.
•Developing the strategies of the institution.
•To follow the UGC directions in regard to the institutional development.
•To prepare Annual Quality Assurance Report and others.
•In cooperation with the teachers, the coordinator, the assistant coordinator and other members shall go on working sincerely under the guidance and noble supervision of the Chairperson (Principal) of the IQAC of Simen Chapari College while implementing the functions.
Quality evaluation and measurement are to be worked out and its outcome at the end of each academic session be reported to NAAC in the form of Annual Quality Assurance Report.

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