Higher Secondary

The College offers higher secondary course in both Arts and Science stream with well equipped laboratory room to provide the knowledge of science and humanities, under Assam Higher Secondary Education Council. Subjects offered in Arts:- Compulsory Subject:- 1. English 2. MIL (Assamese/ Bodo) or Alt. English. Elective Subjects: A student has to select for elective subjects from the list of the following. Advanced Assamese, Advanced Bodo, Economics, Education, History, Logic and Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology. Subjects offered in Science: Compulsory subjects: 1.English 2. MIL (Assamese / Bodo) or Alt. English. Elective Subjects: – Students have to select four elective subjects out of the following. Biology, Chemistry Mathematics, Physics.


Under Graduate Course in Arts 1.General English is compulsory. 2.M.I.L. (Assamese/ Bodo) or Alt. English. 3.Students can opt for Major in any one of the following subjects. (a)Assamese (b) Bodo (c) Economics (d) Education (e) English (f) History (g) Logic and Philosophy (h) Political Science and (i) Sociology. 4.Core subjects: – Economics, Education, Elective Bodo, History, Logic and Philosophy, Mathematics, Political Science, and Sociology. 5.Each of the department constitutes the criteria for selection of the students opting major in the concerned subjects through the conduct of selection test. After the test, notification is made by the departments. 6.Six semester examinations are conducted at the end of a period of six months continued and regular classes. In 4th semester there shall be a compulsory subject on Env. Studies of 100 marks, which shall be evaluated in Grading System for Pass Course Students only. 7. There shall be two papers of skill based courses in the 5th semester which shall be continued in the same way in 6th semester. The subjects are optional. Students have to select any one from (i) travel & tourism management (ii) Creative writing (iii) Teaching elementary level. In the skill based subject on travel and tourism management of 6th semester. The 2nd paper (602) shall every project work & viva voce. 8.Subjects offered for pass course students: 1.English 2.M.I.L. (Assamese/ Bodo) or Alt. English. A students have to opt for any two from the following subjects besides taking skill based subject out of the optional, i.e.(i) TTMG (ii) Creative writing (iii) 1.Economics 2.Education 3.History 4.Mathematics 5. Logic and Philosophy, 6.Political Science and 7. Sociology. 9.There is the 80% marks in each papers of end semester Examinations during the semester and a weightage of 20% marks for internal assessment in the paper (5), equaling to 100% marks in full. 10. The students ( of either major or pass course ) have to appear for a total of 2400 marks in three years duration divided into six semester.